The Sunday Subject – November 19, 2023

Israeli troops raided al-Shifa, Gaza’s largest hospital.

Israel and America assert that Hamas militants operate from tunnels underneath the hospital. Small caches of arms have been found thus far. A WHO-led humanitarian team described the hospital as a “death zone.” Israel now has effective control in northern Gaza, while a humanitarian crisis continues to escalate in southern Gaza.

Joe Biden and Xi Jinping agreed to restore military communications.

China had cut off military communication with America in 2022 after Nancy Pelosi, then speaker of the House, visited Taiwan. China also pledged to help curb the flow of chemicals that make fentanyl. Biden reiterated his assessment of Xi as a “dictator” and described US-China relations as “competitive.”

The House of Representatives passed a bill that would again postpone a government shutdown.

The legislation, however, will only postpone a shutdown until early next year. The bill was supported by 209 Democrats and 127 Republicans; 93 Republicans opposed it. Kevin McCarthy, former House speaker, was removed amidst Republican infighting about a similar bill.