Ohio Flushes Buffalo 20-10, Ending UB’s Bowl Aspirations

In another ugly battle, the Bulls of Buffalo found themselves in a familiar circumstance, being the loser of a football game. This loss doesn’t just set UB back to 3-7, but also places them out of bowl contention. As everyone left the stadium Tuesday night, the sound of a flushing toilet could be heard, symbolizing the end of any hope Buffalo had this season.

Typically I would discuss the highlights of the game, but honestly, who cares? Their season is over. There is nothing to look forward to. The hope before the season was that they could appear in another bowl game, because when you’re the Buffalo Bulls of the MAC, the only thing you have to look forward to is a bowl game. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it is the reality. No great team will ever be playing during the week. You will never see Nick Saban trotting along the sidelines in Tuscaloosa on a Tuesday night. It just won’t happen. 

The reality of being a Buffalo Bulls fan is sad. It’s a shame, with a university of over thirty thousand, one might think that they could get 50 or so solid players. No. Why is this? Maybe the weather, maybe the uniforms, maybe because they play on a turf field. There are no five star recruits eyeing Buffalo as a potential school to play for. Maybe one day, but definitely not soon. 

So what should the Bulls do? Should they just give up? Unfortunately, there are no draft picks in college football, so Buffalo’s knack for losing isn’t going to get them a draft pick. If anything, it might just cost them more recruits. Perhaps Buffalo should take on the strategies of those in Ann Arbor, stealing signs from their opponent. This could work, as long as they don’t get caught, right? 

If anyone is still interested in watching the Bulls play football or are looking for a good game to fall asleep to, Buffalo takes on Miami (Ohio) next Wednesday, November 15th, at 7:00 p.m. EST. Tonight’s game had a terrible fan turnout, Tonawanda’s pee-wee football had greater attendance. It should be a statement to the school. UB needs a shake up. They are wasting an opportunity to have a powerhouse. As Robert De Niro once said, “there’s nothing worse than wasted talent.”

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