Buffalo Ranked Top City to Raise a Family

Buffalo has recently been ranked as one of the best cities to raise a family according to U.S. News and World Report in “The Best Places to Live for Families in the U.S. in 2023-2024.” I couldn’t agree more. The publications rank cities based on affordability, quality of life and job market opportunities. As someone who was born and raised in Buffalo, the article could have discussed beyond just those topics. Those are simply just comparisons to other U.S cities.

To begin, according to Fortune Media, a local grocery store that every Buffalonian adores is always rated in the top ten best companies to work for. Wegmans’ origins come from Rochester, New York, but it made its way to Buffalo and into everyone’s hearts. Not only does it allow affordability for great products, but it is very family friendly. It is also a local fact that Wegmans love to hire families, which contributes to Buffalo’s fight against homelessness.

Another great quality of Buffalo is that it has one of the top SUNY schools in New York. University at Buffalo is affordable for the everyday family but is a D1 and R1 university. It has top programs for many different professions in the state. It has an acceptance rate of around 73%. Although it is a larger campus, it has many opportunities to connect with your community and fellow students.

Buffalo’s food and drinks are some of the best of the best. It is home of the Buffalo chicken wing, Beef on Weck, sponge candy, Loganberry drink, and many more! Buffalo also has some of the best mom and pop restaurants that you cannot get anywhere else. Craving a burger? Go to Allen Burger Venture. Italian? Stop by Romeo and Juliet’s Café. There are many other flavors and cuisines are just around the corner. Luckily Buffalo drivers are competent, and traffic is never terrible besides rush hour. So you’ll never worry about planning out your drive and can just wing it. It’s the city of good neighbors, and the city of good vibes.