The Sunday Subject – July 30, 2023

Moscow hit by Ukranian drone strikes

Ukraine has brought the war to its invaders, launching a series of drone attacks against Russia’s capital. The Russian Defense Ministry said that three drones were intercepted, but a shopping development in the west side of the city was hit, damaging the fifth and sixth floors of the buliding. There were no casualties, and it’s only a small reprisal for the frequent Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities. Still, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation, who oversees the drones program, promises more strikes against Russia as part of a larger counteroffensive.

West African countries threaten Niger coup leaders

The fifteen member nations of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), are threatening military action against the coup leaders who seized power in Nigeria last week. General Adbourahmane Tchiani seized power and announced the constitution would be suspended, after the presidential guard captured legitimately elected president Mohamed Bazoum. Bazoum took office two years ago, on the heels of a failed coup attempt that took place two days before his inauguration. ECOWAS is giving Tchiani seven days to release President Bazoum and restore him to power, otherwise the member nations would, “take all measures necessary to restore constitutional order.”

USA wins, ties, in early World Cup rounds

The US women’s team started strong in their World Cup last Friday, beating Vietnam 3-0, with twice the possession time of their rivals, who didn’t manage a single shot on goal. Wednesay’s game was a different story, as The Netherlands led in possession, and led 1-0 until the 59th minute, when Dutch player Danielle van de Donk tackled US co-captain Lindsey Horan. By way of response, Horan immediately scored, tying the match. But a draw was still a disappointing outcome for a US team heaviliy favored to win a third consecutive World Cup title. America faces Portugal on Tuesday, August 1, in the final match of the group stage.