Why is This Not a Movie?: The Plot Against FDR

Franklin Roosevelt was wildly popular when he was in office, and is universally acknowledged as one of our greatest presidents. But in 1933, not everyone agreed. Shortly after FDR took office, a cabal of wealthy businessmen who were worried the New Deal would undermine profits, recruited General Smedley Butler — a widely respected WWI hero and crusader for veterans’ rights — and tried to convince him to rally the servicemen and vets who loved and respected him, and use them to overthrow FDR and bring fascism to America.

Journalist Natalia Megas (The Washington Post, The Guardian, Daily Beast) returns to the show to talk about The Business Plot, and whether it was a genuine threat to democracy, or just a lot of bluster. You can see some of her writing at nataliamegas.com, and find her on Twitter @DameWriter.