Why is this not a movie?: The Worst Movie Ever Made w/ Nathan Rabin

In 1966, an El Paso theater actor bet his screenwriter friend he could produce a horror movie all on his own.

The result was Manos: The Hands of Fate. This incoherent, no-budget movie is considered one of the worst films ever made. Somehow, it did get made, and, 50 years later, people are still watching it.

Pop culture writer and bad movie evangelist Nathan Rabin (The A.V. Club, The Dissolve, and several books including My Year of Flops, You Don’t Know Me But You Don’t Like Me, The Weird Accordion to Al) joins us to talk about why the story of how a terrible movie got made would make for a great movie. Also, look for his new book The Joy of Trash, and read more of his writing at Nathan Rabin’s Happy Place and Nathan Rabin’s Bad Ideas.