photo credit: Josh Borsykowsky

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

We asked our writing staff to pick their favorite spot on campus, with a few days remaining before the campus becomes too cold to support human life.

Owen Bryant, Editor-in-Chief
The basement level of Lockwood is nice. Especially when it’s been raining like the last couple days. There’s a yellow decay on the windows and the plants outside make the light that comes in a mossy color.

Giacomo Mutti, writer
My friends and I tend to frequent the third floor of Lockwood. It’s a welcoming environment with comfortable furniture, and a great place to talk openly with friends, which usually leads to no work being done

Ian Roma, writer
My favorite outdoor spot on campus is Baird Point. Not ideal for doing homework, but it’s a perfect spot to look over campus and Lake La Salle with your friends. Also, Fall Fest made Baird a great place for concerts!

Mike Vago, alumni
I’ve always loved Letchworth Woods, next to Ellicott. It’s a nice spot to clear your head, take a short hike to the creek, and pretend for a minute you’re out in the wildnerness and not surrounded on all sides by overcrowded parking lots.