133 Minutes Ep 18, Lost in Croton-Harmon!

Given 133 minutes, we were sure that the arcade fire would burn out like Pac-Man in 1983. As it turned out, we might as well have been putting the flames out with a spoon for all the good it did! The bodega next door was spared but the smoke flickered over to the water to about mid-lake. We cursed God, but if you asked the clerk, name tag: Tyler, the creator had nothing to do with this. The blaze was borne to consume all districts, blue states, red, whatever. This was when Rex, Orange County’s greatest up-and-coming young bruh, dissented. He suggested we were expecting a sudden sea change. What we really needed to do was to take it slow: show that we were up to the long haul. To this, Tyler responded “Fieh” and simply tuned in his favorite new music showcase on Subject Radio.

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