Subject Wants You!

What even is Subject?

We’re a student-run online magazine, radio station, podcast network, video channel — an all-purpose platform for anything you want to create.

Subject was founded by UB alumni who went on to careers in media. A big part of our mission is to pass on what we’ve learned to you. Subject is student-run, but the alumni are here to help you be better editors, writers, podcasters, and DJs.

What can I do? What should I do?

Anything. Write about what’s happening on campus. Do a podcast about zombie movies. Write about the evils of technology and then play EDM on the radio. Become an editor and shape the whole site. Write one movie review and then never speak to us again. It’s all good.

But more specifically, here’s what we need for the fall semester:

  • Campus Life Editor
  • News/Politics Editor
  • Sports Editor
  • Hosts for a news/current events podcast
  • Social Media Manager
  • Music Director (contacts record labels and builds our music library)
  • Podcast hosts and audio engineers
  • Radio DJs 

And writers covering every… wait for it… subject! We’re looking for people to write about campus life, pop culture, sports, and technology, but anything you’re interested in talking about can find a home on the site.

How does writing for Subject work?

If there’s something you want to write, pitch it to an editor (email or join If you want to write but you’re not sure what about, an editor can assign you a story. Your editor will give feedback, suggest changes, correct spelling and grammar, before the article goes live on the site.

How does Subject Radio work?

You can stream live from anywhere, or you can pre-record your show and we can drop it into the radio stream later (and post it on the site so people can listen from beginning to end.) Pre-recorded shows are posted on Mixcloud; the livestream is on (Email or join for the technical details.)

Our format is freeform college radio — play anything you want, although we try and shy away from what’s already being played on mainstream FM radio. All you need to record is a laptop and free software we can set you up with. Play your own music or dip into our music library.

How does Podcasting for Subject work?

We have a few existing shows that need hosts, but you’re also welcome to start your own. We can walk you through the recording process, help you get your show onto podcasting platforms, and pair you with an audio engineer to make your show sound great.

We know from experience that doing a weekly or even monthly podcast can be a grind, so we also have a Subject podcast channel for one-offs. Remember when Reddit made Gamestop’s stock prices soar? We did a one-shot podcast, UB Stonks that explained it all. It’s easy and isn’t the time commitment that a recurring show is.

I’m in! What do I do now?

Three things!

  • Email and tell us what you’re interested in doing.
  • Join our Slack channel to talk about the site. If you use a email to sign in, you’ll be able to join automatically. If you want to use a non-UB address, email us first and we’ll grant permission
  • Come to our fall semester organizational meeting and meet your fellow subjects in person! It’s on at 1pm on September 11, in front of Lockwood Library.