The Sunday Subject — July 10, 2022

Former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated Friday.

Abe was shot while giving a speech in Nara ahead of parliamentary elections, dying hours after being taken to the hospital. Abe, Japan’s longest serving prime minister, transformed Japan’s role in international affairs by initiating the Quad, keeping the TPP alive after America’s withdrawal, strategically countering China’s economic and military might while maintaining stable relations, and pushing to amend Japan’s pacifist constitution, which currently prohibits non-defensive military action abroad, among other things.

Sri Lanka’s president, Gotabaya Rajapaska, announced yesterday that he will resign on July 13th.

The announcement comes after protestors demanded his resignation and stormed the presidential palace. Sri Lanka’s leaders’ economic mismanagement, which has resulted in a severe financial crisis, rapid inflation, and shortages of food and fuel, has wreaked havoc across the country.

U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson announced on Thursday that he will resign.

The announcement comes amidst his own party’s revolt against him after numerous scandals and irresponsible behavior. Johnson stated that he plans to remain prime minister until a successor is chosen; however, many of his Conservative colleagues want him removed immediately, citing him as a danger to the country. The Labor party has warned that if Johnson continues to try to cling on to power it will call a vote of confidence in the House of Commons.