Looking to Join a Community of Film Lovers? Check Out Letterboxd

It seems we’re at a point in our zeitgeist where social media is the new norm for sharing information. People, especially our generation, rely more on posts shared and direct messages to get their daily news than actual news sources. Phones are bombarded hour by hour with notifications ranging from Twitter to TikTok and Instagram to Snapchat. The hyperactivity and interconnectedness of our world can often feel exhausting, fake, and unnecessary. In fact, I would go so far as to say that we would be better off if no new social media platforms formed from this point forward. That is, with one exception: Letterboxd. 

Letterboxd is a social media platform made by movie fans for movie fans. It comes with features similar to Facebook and Instagram, with the options to post and follow. Still, its niche community makes you feel warm and more welcomed, whether your favorites list consists of Apocalypse Now and Raging Bull, or Guardians of the Galaxy and Megamind. The ability to diary the films you watch, including the specific date, whether it was your first time or second viewing, and a score on a rating system from 1-5, makes the service all the more addicting. 

The community of Letterboxd has grown bigger than ever — more than a million members — in the past year since people have been stuck inside, looking for new hobbies. However, its platform is still relatively small compared to other competitors. Some Letterboxd users, who either joined with an established YouTube following or got big off a funny one-sentence review that got many likes, are even “famous.” See, that’s the thing about Letterboxd; as overwhelming as the amount of film content you can find there can be, it’s still a place where quick and to-the-point posts are more popular and celebrated than deep, analytical reviews. 

Check it out for yourself. Download Letterboxd on your phone and start filling up your watchlist with movies you’ve been dying to check out. Start creating lists of your favorite love stories and action blockbusters of the decade, enjoy the hundreds upon hundreds of hours of entertaining and informative content for all your favorite movie news, and, most of all, be true to yourself when giving a movie a rating.