New Music Rundown: Your Loss/Raissa/Sloping

Your Loss
[Your Loss/DMY]

Your Loss is an alternative grime duo hailing from London that deliver a distinguishable sound sitting somewhere between JPEGMAFIA and Stormzy. Their newest and sophomore release picks up where their debut left off as Ramon, the producer of the two, creates elaborate and difficult beats for the vocalist privacydied to keep up with. The chemistry between the intricacy of the beats and creativity of the flows match each other one to one, creating a feeling of flow state on every track. Although small right now, expect these two to become pillars of a burgeoning alternative grime scene in Britain.


Raissa is the newest starlet in the ever-expanding multiverse of PC Music and hyper pop that have been married together in the past year. She creates a futuristic pop sound and puts it on full display with her debut HEROGIRL. Though short, the project is full to the brim with energy. The ethereal synths and snappy drums create a perfect guilty pleasure that you dance to when no one is watching. Though futuristic, Raissa also pulls from the R&B pop of the early 2000s in the choruses and rhythms of her tracks. Not to mention her knack for ear worm hooks, this project is an impressive debut.  

Completed Songs
[sound as language]

JJ Posway and his solo project Sloping present a tranquil but grief-stricken acoustic album chronicling his life so far and what might come of it. Completed Songs reads like a diary of days past and when assembled just under the half hour runtime, you feel all these songs and emotions cave into you like you’re standing in a hall of mirrors. The more you listen, the more you can feel yourself projected into his life and lyrics. By the end, you see the project of Sloping as a step forward and you only hope he can continue.