New Music Rundown: CJ/SG Lewis/Christian Leave

Loyalty Over Royalty
[CJ Music Group/Warner]

After his breakout megahit “Whoopty” hit the New York drill scene and internet at large, CJ knew it wasn’t a fluke. In his debut LP, his style polishes the gritty 808-heavy beats and haphazard flows that drill is known for and it works in his favor. CJ fluently incorporates pop aspects like autotune as well as alternative beats, making it work because it’s truly his take on the NY drill sound. This is no industry plant. All in all, this is a short but strong first project where CJ cements his place in drill with new hits like “Politics” and “Set”.

SG Lewis

The first full LP from SG Lewis is an enigmatic record with catacombs of synthpop and deep house influences. At 26, the English-born artist has established a strong identity for himself, perfectly exemplified with this first album, times. Songs can range from a booming house sound reminiscent of forgotten nights to dreamy indie hits for moments you’ll never forget. No matter the genre or mood, SG Lewis approaches a level of brilliance not rivalled by many others. Here’s the twist, up until this point I’ve only been talking about the second half of this album, the first half is an ode to disco.Not too many new ideas here, just a pure steroid shot of disco grooves. Once you catch that groove, it doesn’t let go. 

Christian Leave
Heavy Hitting Hurts My Head

Heavy Hitting Hurts My Head is the newest release from indie-alt posterboy Chrisitian Leave. A sound that’s both soft and loud simultaneously, Leave embodies his LA lifestyle of outwardly eternally social and positive but inwardly emotionally shallow. Hits like “Bedache” and my favorite “Filth” reads like a diary that rhymes and uh.. yells at you a lot. Point is, Leave sings from the heart and nearly throws it up in the process. All about topics me, you, or the average teenage girl can relate to on one level or another.