New Music Rundown: Sainte/Millennial Club/Healy

Local MVP
[YSM Collective]

The best comparison I can make about Sainte’s new EP, Local MVP, is that it’s like the different flavors of kool-aid. Do you have a favorite? Yea maybe you like the orange one or something but no matter which one you choose, you know it’s gonna be good. All four songs and 10 minutes on this EP have the same flow, same type of beat and same lofi grime mix to them. Do you care though? No. These velvety beats were made for his signature monotone flow. It’s a match made in heaven that landed in Leicester.

Millennial Club
summer nights
[Millennial Club]

The Millennial Club debuts a beautiful indie pop album on their new album summer nights. With just the right amount of saxophone. The album is a concise handful of poppy ballads that borrow from 80s pop and 90s R&B with a sheen of modern lofi that creates a perfect picture of young dumb love in a SoCal beachtown. No doubt we’ll be hearing more from the trio, especially Andreas Owens, whose voice floats over the 15 minutes as well as his own solo track, “don’t feel happy”.


When Ethan Healy unveiled his much-awaited sophomore album, Tungsten, to the wonder of the music world. The music world rejoiced. The Memphis-born singer-songwriter makes indie pop hip hop hits like they ooze out of his ears. In reality, the very opposite is true, it’s been 4 years since he last dropped a full length album and his fanbase reminded him about to a degree only rivaled by Frank Ocean fans, of whom he shares some artistic similarities. He might look like your substitute from 10th grade history, but damn can he write a song!