Two turntables and a microphone and a headset.

We are Subject and so can you!


Here in Buffalo, we have a long tradition of student-led broadcasting. Wolf Blitzer and Terry Gross started their careers at UB. VH1 president Tom Calederone co-founded WBNY in 1982. WBFO broadcasted from South Campus for 52 years. WRUB ran from the 1970s until 2019. In the ’90s and ’00s, Buffalo had two alt-weekly newspapers, three campus-based radio stations, and UB had a newspaper, a weekly magazine, and limited TV programming, all student-run.

Alumni of those outlets include more than just a few famous names. Radio producers, authors, musicians, actors, podcasters, and media professionals of all kinds launched their careers with student-run media.

Those alumni didn’t get their start just sitting in a classroom. They got hands-on experience making something real, for an audience bigger than one professor. Today’s students need that same kind of hands-on experience, and today’s campus should have the thriving student-run media that past generations did.

That’s why a group of WRUB alumni (not affiliated in any way with the University of Buffalo) are launching Subject. Except we’re going bigger than the old campus radio station. We’re also reviving the campus magazine format, something UB hasn’t had since 2014. And we’re starting a podcast network. And a video channel. And live events on and off campus (or, while we’re still quarantined, “live” events online). And whatever else you can dream up.

Student-run, community-supported.

Yes, you. If you just want to read and listen to and watch and enjoy Subject, that’s great. But we’re also looking for contributors. Write about campus life, or movies, or politics, or gaming, or which is objectively the best type of dog. Do a podcast about sports, or food, or 17th century Flemish painting (but not 16th-century Flemish painting, come on, who would listen to that?). Play the best new music. Play the best old music. Play both together. Or just help us run this whole mess (or just one part of it). Hit us up at and let us know what you want to do.

Whatever content you want to create, we’re your platform. And we’re also your teachers. Subject’s student staff are here to guide you, and our alumni braintrust are devoted to making this as close to a hands-on professional setting as we can on our very limited budget.

And speaking of our very limited budget, it doesn’t have to be very limited! We’re also accepting donations to keep this thing going (not tax-deductible yet, we’re working on it!). You can give a buck a month to our Patreon, or you can give us a few of the billions you made founding Amazon, we’re not picky. (If you have music on physical media you no longer use, you can also donate it and it’ll get played on Subject Radio!)

But mostly, we want to be here for you. Read our stories. Listen to our music. Wear our t-shirts. Keep Buffalo’s tradition of student-run media alive.